Business Retention Tools

The Dunvegan System™ of designing and implementing a customer retention program consists of multiple components such as data collection and analysis software, reporting systems and proprietary measures and metrics for collecting and analyzing customer retention data. Over the years, we’ve built these tools to address the precise needs of our clients and to enable us to extract the most value from customer data.

Our tools include:

The Business Retention Index™

The Business Retention Index™ (BRI™) is our proprietary measure of the strength of the bond between a customer and the company that serves them. The BRI™ can range from a high of AAA to a low of F for any individual customer; when aggregated across customers, the BRI™ provides an overall rating for the company.

While it’s become trendy to conduct online surveys and tabulate results into single-variable indices, these methods offer little proof of their ability to inform broad-scale changes that will increase customer retention and help rescue customers at risk of defection. The BRI™ evolved based on The Dunvegan Group’s experience over two decades of customer satisfaction and retention research and direct application to client projects; it is an early warning indicator of dissatisfaction with service and provides the foundation for intervention and customer retention.

The BRI™ differs from many other Key Performance Indicators of customer satisfaction/retention because it measures:

  • Multiple facets of the relationship between a customer and the company that serves them

  • What the customer will do rather than how they feel (i.e., their retention/defection behavior rather than satisfaction level with a company)

  • Your company's perceived performance relative to the competition

  • Consistency of customer perceptions (in this respect the BRI™ is unique among Key Performance Indicators)

The BRI™ ‘looks’ different from other measures because it is reported as a letter rating with a subscript (Key Performance Indicators are usually reported as a number). It is the platinum indicator for predicting customer retention because it indicates what your customer “will do about” their perceptions of and feelings towards your business.

The Business Essentials Index™

The Dunvegan Group has identified a set of service aspects that are common to all Business-to-Business relationships; these aspects consistently emerged across industries, size of business and range of services. For this reason, we have named them "Business Essentials" and the Business Essentials Index™ is a critical indicator of how well your company is delivering against customer expectations in these areas.

The Service Delivery Index™

The Service Delivery Index™ (SDI™) is specifically designed for your company to reflect those service areas where you are both willing and able to adapt to customer expectations. These may be areas that you consider fundamental to the products and services your company offers as well as aspects that specifically differentiate your company from your competitors.