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7 Ways to Differentiate Your Business

We are honored to be featured in TMW's Blog - posted Feb 15 2018.

How can you make your company stand out from the crowd?

This is a question that many business leaders have asked themselves for years.

Consider employing “Business Essentials,” a name for seven service aspects that are fundamental to building strong relationships in the transportation services industry whatever business you are in--including trucking or other transportation management entities.

Business Essential #1: Do what you say you will do

Keeping your promises is a fundamental element in building trust; trust is the foundation of all great relationships.

Service failures are a fact of business life; at some moment a customer will be let down. Whether it is a product defect, a late delivery, or a phone call that is not returned in a timely manner, you will want to make a graceful recovery. Often when we make a graceful recovery, we build a stronger relationship than if we had not had a problem in the first place!

Whether you promise to replace the product, refund the delivery charge, or return calls more promptly, it is essential that you follow through and do what you said you would do. 


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