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As part of our mission to help companies create customer-focused organizations, our customer retention experts are readily available to speak at your next association conference or event. Some of our popular topics include:

  • The Platinum Rule®: Creating Successful Relationships at all Levels of your Organization

  • Why Bother with Customer Satisfaction?

  • Business Retention: Your key to Business Growth!

Dr. Olev Wain, Vice President (Dunvegan Fellow)

With more than 25 years in the marketing and survey research industry, Dr. Olev Wain is our in-house expert on customer research and methodology. He is forever challenging the status quo on customer satisfaction research, adamant that statistical results and ratings need to make real improvements to the client’s bottom line. After all, there isn’t much point aiming for results that don’t make a measurable improvement on the books. Dr. Wain is credited with the development of the Business Retention Index™ rating system that The Dunvegan Group’s clients rely on to guide them to improve customer retention.

He’s a funny guy and the CFO’s best friend in the marketing department. If you’re looking for an authoritative voice on customer research that will shed a brighter light on your organization, Olev is prepared to speak at your next industry conference or event.


Anne Miner, CEO

Having been in the business world since the age of 12, Anne Miner’s been there, done that, and can help your organization navigate what might be around the corner. With warmth, candor, and humor, Anne will share her experience with you and provide the perspective to shed light on your own pathways.

As a customer retention expert, Anne has plenty of stories and good advice to share with companies who want to learn more about customer retention and creating a customer-focused company. She is also a certified trainer for  The Platinum Rule®, a tool to improve relationships at all levels of your organization, including customer relationships.

“Anne is a solid authority on customer care issues, and has been highly willing to share her expertise and perspectives with many of our members at TMCA. Marketing executives in our industry have found her insights and ideas to be practical, credible, and instrumental in helping to achieve business results.”
B. Everett, CEO, Transportation Marketing & Communications Association

See Anne Miner in action ...

Past Events that Featured our Marketing Speakers

Building Competitor-resistant relationships with Customers and Employees | United Aqua Group Spark Conference | Fajardo Puerto Rico | February 2015

How to improve your relationships with family, friends and foe! | Frock-alicious Life weekend | Kananaskis Alberta | September 2014

Firstarter at Business Marketing Association's Global Conference|Chicago Illinois| June 2013

Getting to “Yes!” with The Platinum Rule® | TMSA Annual Conference | San Diego California | June 2011

Getting to “Yes!” with The Platinum Rule® | Traffic Club of Chicago | Chicago Illinois | November 2010

Getting to “Yes!” with DISC | Company of Women | Cambridge Ontario | September 2010

Measuring Up! A Guide To Success with Customer Satisfaction | TMCA (now TMSA) Annual Conference | San Diego California |June 2009

Winning with Customer Satisfaction in a Down Economy | eWomen Networking Dinner |Toronto Ontario |January 2009

7 Keys to Success with Customer Satisfaction | TMCA (now TMSA) Webinar | January 2009

Customer Satisfaction Measurement: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How |TMCA (now TMSA) Marketing Bootcamp| Chicago Illinois | September 2008

We’re open to your ideas and special requests, just let us know what your audience would value! Make an inquiry about the availability of our marketing speakers by filling in the form below, or contact us or click on the link below to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation call.


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