We Show You How To Retain
   Your Customers and Your Employees


We help you build strong, competitor-resistant relationships with both customers and employees!

Customers are the reason for businesses to exist. We would all agree that the health and well-being of every business depends on its ability to find, win, keep and grow customers. Businesses need engaged, productive, customer-focused employees to deliver consistent service and a great customer experience.

The Dunvegan Group captures the voices of your customers and your employees. Customers and employees trust us to listen without judgement, probe for complete understanding and provide your company with feedback that serves all parties.

We show you how to retain your customers and your employees; we uncover opportunities for growth, opportunities for improvement, and opportunities to create competitor-resistant relationships that bind your customers and your employees to your business.

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The Dunvegan Platinum Processes

The foundation of successful relationships is treating other people the way they want to be treated ~ this is the Platinum Rule®!

The Dunvegan Platinum Processes are all built on this foundation ...  creating stronger bonds with your customers, employees, colleagues, and co-workers by treating them the way they want to be treated. Whether you are in sales, customer service, administration, emergency response, marketing or finance, the Platinum Rule® approach will serve you well.

Instead of using the "this is how we do it" method of dealing with others, you may find that conversations are much more congenial and productive when you adapt to the preferences of others.

Let us show you and your employees how to apply the Platinum Rule® to build platinum relationships - strong, valuable, competitor-resistant and sustainable relationships that ensure business retention and increase growth.